Friday, September 18, 2009

Spy Story Using The Hero's Journey

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Good day, Writers,

As promised, I am posting another storyline using The Hero's Journey as the model. This time we have a spy story outlined.

If you want to know, this took me no more than five minutes to construct. Which goes to prove how easily The Hero's Journey adapts to any story.

Ready? Here we go!

Ordinary World

A wealthy woman, Rachel, hears of her husband’s death while he was traveling home from Europe to the US. The Husband was an official on government business.

Call to Adventure

As the funeral ends and she receives visitors at her home, she notices a mysterious man standing outside watching the house.

Refusal of the Call

After the mourners leave, the man who was watching the house knocks on the door. The man, Jackson, introduces himself to the maid and hands her a letter. He asks if the maid will give it to Rachel and if Rachel will see him, even though the hour is late.

Meeting the Mentor

Rachel, enraged by the contents of the letter and not believing its authenticity, agrees to see him in an effort to determine why Jackson is attempting to upset her.

Crossing the Threshold

Jackson tells Rachel to check a hidden drawer in the house to prove the letter is genuine. She does and learns her visitor worked for her husband and that both men were spies working in an effort to overthrow the sitting government. Jackson informs Rachel her husband was murdered for his involvement in the spy ring and she agrees to join Jackson and use her wealth and influence to continue his work.

Test, Allies and Enemies

Jackson introduces Rachel to many of his cohorts and learns of many high ranking officials in the government who are attempting to start a war for the money they can earn.

Approach to the Innermost Cave (Point of No Return)

Rachel is found out by the authorities and must alter her life so as not to be caught. She must give up her home and fortunes in this endeavor.

The Supreme Ordeal

The corrupt government officials chase and eventually attack Rachel and Jackson, who have now become lovers. Rachel escapes, though Jackson is caught and taken somewhere sinister.

Claim the Treasure (Reward)

Rachel finds Jackson and helps him escape. Together they topple the corrupt officials just before war breaks out.

Journey Home (Road Back – Second Ordeal)

Those officials, now deposed, attempt to assassinate Jackson and Rachel and almost succeed.


The dishonest politicians are finally caught and tried.

Return with Elixir

Rachel has her home and fortunes returned and she and Jackson get married to live happily ever after.

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