Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to all Novel Writers!

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Good day and welcome to my blog.

In this writer's blog, I hope to assist aspiring novel writers, (and even some old hands), gain more knowledge and confidence with their craft and to help insure success with their
fiction writing . In this vein, I will offer various novel writing lessons.

These lessons will include such things as how to get that story hiding within you onto paper, which is still necessary despite the technology of the day. This also means learning how to tell a story well, which many find more difficult that they imagined. Further, we as writers face the daunting task of learning the craft of writing, and all that entails. (Boy do I have stories there...) Then, of course, you need to know how to edit, then edit again and edit a few more times before offering it to a discriminating agent or publisher for critique. I also wish to help those pen pushers with the process of formal publication and the myriad of issues with that minefield.(Ah, the all-powerful Slush Pile!)

I'll post the lessons weekly so visit regularly.

The first lesson will be How to Tell Your Story.

Okay, I'll ask you to speak with anyone you know who might have an interest in writing the next Great American Novel to come on board and see if we can't help get them published!



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